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I Have the Top Rankings In Google For Your Most Profitable Keywords!


Dear Business Owner,

You can blame it on the iPhone.

These days more people use search engines to find a local business than the yellow pages. Therefore, one of the best ways to get customers for your business is to have the highest rankings for the keywords they’re searching for. Sadly, almost no local brick & mortar business knows how to do this. And there really aren’t any reliable experts to turn to either. That’s why it’s easy for a guy like me to pick any local search term I want, and within a short period of time (sometimes as quick as two days) get the number 1 ranking for it.

I’m not an SEO wizard.

I just know a few simple techniques for giving the search engines exactly what they want. And in return for that, they give me what I want, which is higher rankings in their engines.

Higher rankings mean more visitors to your website. And with some simple strategies, I funnel the maximum amount of those visitors into the business of my choosing.  And this is only the beginning. A site that gets a lot of traffic doesn’t mean it will win you a lot of customers. Once you get visitors to your site, you have to create a deliberate system to funnel them into your business. I have strategies for that as well.

We have top ranking videos that you can rent for your business.  They come with dedicated phone numbers that track all your calls and easily can be forwarded to your sales department.  They also come with links that can forward the website traffic to your landing page.

All of the client phone calls and search engine traffic could be yours.

What is one extra customer per month worth to your business?  What about an extra customer per day?

Finally, you must know that I only work with one business per category. It’d be stupid for me to work with competiting businesses, because I’d be working against myself. So if this sounds like something that you’d like to go forward with, you need to contact me right away… otherwise you might miss out on your opportunity. Sound good? If you’re interested in achieving the dominant local online presence in your niche, then it’s simple… contact me and we can set up a time to do your free strategic consultation.

Call Dave at  1-226-271-2117 and let’s discuss your business goals.

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